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Helping Hand For The NHS

Hand Drying – Reducing the risk of cross-contamination

he Hybrid™ dispenser offers a unique, revolutionary
method of hand drying which see electronic, hands-free
and manual dispensing in one!
Here’s how it works…

Electronic: By simply waving the hand over the sensor the dispenser issues a pre-cut towel to the user. This no-touch method reduces the risk of contamination and contact with potentially dangerous bacteria. One big drawback with any electronic dispenser is that when the battery fails
the dispenser becomes inoperative however, this is not a problem to the Hybrid™ as the dispenser then becomes…

Hands-Free: Users access the product by simply pulling the exposed towel which activates a quick dispense that is precut and measured. The controlled-use dispensing reduces unlimited use, waste and pilferage and the user can still achieve a touch free, hygienic dry. The Hybrid™ can also be:

Manual: The dispenser is fitted with a manual push-bar
which allows users to advance for additional emergency
pre-cut paper feed.

Dimensions: W301mm x H433mm x D245mm

Dispenser – 87550 FREE when purchasing
3428 Rolls below

Impressions Hand Towel Roll – 3428

Soft 2 ply white hand towel roll – ideal for the medical industry where frequent hand washing can make skin sensitive.

2-ply 20.3cm x 120 Metres
Laminated & Embossed
Case quantity: 8 Rolls

Per Case £46.00

Toilet Tissue – Reducing the risk of cross contamination

The Dubl-Serv® Two-Roll Side-by-Side toilet tissue
dispenser is ideal for any washroom-products setting
where cubicle space in a consideration. The dispenser
holds 1,250 sheets of 2-ply toilet tissue when at full
capacity. The high capacity reduces continuous service
visits and means product is always available to the user.
The Dubl-Serv® Side-by-Side dispenser features a slide
mechanism which presents the new roll to the user once all the tissue on the first roll is completely used. This ensures easy access to the second roll and eliminates unnecessary waste and cross contamination.

Dimensions: W275mm x H171mm x D122mm

Dispenser – 72650

*FREE *when purchasing 616 Rolls below.

2 Ply White 625 Sheet Toilet Rolls – 616

Fully degradable toilet rolls. Each roll is the equivalent of 4 domestic toilet rolls.

1 × 36 Rolls £36.42

Hand Washing

NHS 1 Litre Hand Wash Dispenser

A 1 litre soap dispenser which comes with a lifetime guarantee and is lockable. Coated with Biocote technology to ensure that bacteria will not grow in or on the dispenser.

NHS Soap Dispenser FREE

Cutan Gentle Wash Soap – 1 litre Cartridge

High Emolliency – Formulated specifically for frequent use in healthcare environments.

Pleasant To Use – Rich, creamy soft
soap and light perfume leaves skin feeling pleasant after use. Contributes to increased hand washing compliance.

Mild Cleansing – Contains mild cleansing agents to keep the skin clean and fresh.

Lather Boost Formula – Produces a rich, creamy lather to facilitate rapid and effective skin coverage.

1 Litre Cartridge £5.00

Hand Sanitising – Staff & Visitors

NHS 1 Litre Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

A 1 litre sanitising dispenser which comes with a lifetime guarantee and is lockable. Coated with Biocote technology to ensure that bacteria will not grow in or on the dispenser.

NHS Sanitiser Dispenser FREE

Cutan Gel Hand Sanitiser – 1 litre Cartridge

Delivers rapid disinfection of hands. Kills 99.999% of bacteria and conforms to EN1500, EN1275, EN1276.
Dermatologically Tested.

1 Litre Cartridge £7.95

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