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Catering Cleaning Supplies

One of the greatest ways to improve your business is through a spotless and sanitary kitchen. The best way to achieve this is by stocking up on all kinds of cleaning supplies.

From sponges, towels, disinfectant spray down cleaners that can be used for both floors and walls alike! These catering cleaning products are essentials in any good kitchen’s supply cabinet because they protect not only customers but staff members as well from potential illnesses.

We provide some of the best catering cleaning supplies in Essex and across the UK, here at Power Hygiene. Our kitchen hygiene supplies are carefully selected to make sure they are appropriate for cleaning areas where food is prepared.
Hygiene matters most of all while prepping for any type of event whether large or small and it never hurts to be proactive instead of reactive. With these kitchen cleaning supplies on hand at home as well as work-there will be nothing standing between you and cleanliness ever again.
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