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Cleaning Products

A range of cleaning products for professional use

A Variety Of Cleaning Products

Power Hygiene offers a wide array of cleaning products tailored for washroom and catering needs, along with an extensive selection of window cleaning equipment and industrial-grade cleaning products, serving clients not only in the UK but also beyond.

With a diverse inventory exceeding 5000 items, we cater to various industries, offering ideal options for bulk purchases tailored to institutions such as schools, bars, hotels, restaurants, local authorities, offices, and other business environments.


Our extensive range of cleaning products UK plays a vital role in meeting health and safety standards across the UK. We are committed to providing essential and precautionary supplies for all cleaning needs, including safety signs, personal protective equipment (PPE), paper products, floor cleaning machines, disinfectants, treatments, window cleaning equipment, and much more.


Cleaning Products For Businesses

Power Hygiene is a cleaning product supplier with a wide range of cleaning products tailored to businesses in need of occasional or continuous supplies. Whether it’s for maintaining cleanliness on the premises or ensuring a steady stock of washroom essentials, such as paper products, paper dispensers, hand sanitisers, hand drying systems, and safety signage, we have you covered.

We offer a trade account option for businesses, providing numerous advantages, including:

  1. Up to a 50% discount on products
  2. Access to the latest industry news
  3. Credit terms (subject to status)
  4. Exclusive previews of new products

If you believe your business could benefit from a trade account with us, please complete our designated form to unlock a variety of benefits.


At Power Hygiene, we understand that different industries have unique cleaning needs. That’s why we’ve curated a comprehensive selection of wholesale cleaning products tailored to suit various sectors. 


Facilities Maintenance: From general-purpose cleaners to specialised equipment for floors, windows, and surfaces.


Catering: Our selection of catering cleaning supplies includes sanitisers, degreasers, and specialised equipment designed to meet the hygiene standards of  food preparation areas.


School Cleaning Supplies: Creating a clean and hygienic learning environment is essential for the health and well-being of students and staff. 


Healthcare: Our healthcare cleaning products are designed to meet the rigorous standards of hospitals, clinics, and care homes, offering effective solutions for sanitisation, disinfection, and surface cleaning.


Hospitality: A wide range of products tailored to hotels, restaurants, and event venues, from housekeeping essentials to janitorial supplies and guest amenities.

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Chemical Cleaning Products

Explore our chemical cleaning products by category:


Toilet Cleaning: Our range of toilet cleaning chemicals includes powerful disinfectants, descalers, and deodorisers designed to effectively remove stains, limescale, and odours, leaving toilets sparkling clean and fresh.


Kitchen Cleaning: Degreasers, sanitisers, and surface cleaners formulated to tackle tough grease, grime, and food residue, providing a clean and sanitary environment for food preparation.


Window Cleaning: These products are specially formulated to remove dirt, fingerprints, and smudges, leaving windows gleaming and transparent.


Floor Cleaning: Our floor cleaning chemicals include floor cleaners, strippers, and polishers suitable for various flooring types, from tiles and laminate to hardwood and vinyl, ensuring floors remain clean, slip-free, and polished.


Surface Cleaning: From multi-surface cleaners to antibacterial sprays, our products effectively remove dirt, bacteria, and germs, leaving surfaces clean, sanitized, and safe.

Power Hygiene offers a range of eco-friendly cleaning products designed to minimise environmental impact without compromising on cleaning performance. 


Eco Cleaning Solutions: Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are formulated with biodegradable and environmentally safe ingredients, ensuring effective cleaning while minimising harm to the planet. 


Eco Paper Products: Paper towels, tissues, and napkins, made from sustainable and responsibly sourced materials. These products offer the same functionality and quality as traditional paper products but with a reduced environmental footprint.


Eco PPE: Protect yourself and the environment with our eco-friendly personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, masks, and aprons made from sustainable materials. 


Eco Refuse Sacks: Dispose of waste responsibly with our eco-friendly refuse sacks, made from biodegradable materials that break down naturally in landfill conditions. These sacks offer durability and strength for waste containment while reducing plastic pollution.


Shop now and join us in our commitment to sustainability as an Essex Wildlife Trust member.

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First-Class Hygiene Providers

At Power Hygiene, we are dedicated to delivering  superior products, and exceptional value to our customers. Our range of cleaning products undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee that we only provide products that surpass customer expectations.


For our trade customers, we provide free delivery on all orders, ensuring convenience and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, UK next-day delivery is available for urgent requirements on all in-stock items. In the event that a desired product is not immediately available, we offer a complimentary click-and-collect service, where we endeavour to source the requested products promptly.

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