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Paper Hand Towels

Here you will find our large selection of paper hand towels to buy online. From C-Fold and Z-Fold paper hand towels, to interfold paper hand towels and blue roll, Power Hygiene offers quality products at the lowest prices in the UK. Browse our selection of hand towels today and make a purchase for a quick and simple delivery.

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Affordable Paper Hand Towels To Buy

Power Hygiene has the perfect range of paper hand towels for bathrooms available to order for quick deliveries to your doorstep. Designed for functionality, our paper hand towels offer maximum absorbency and durability, ensuring a mess-free drying experience.

Paired with our paper hand towel dispensers, our paper hand towels are perfect for commercial and domestic bathrooms. Put together with high-grade materials, our bathroom paper hand towels are not only of high quality but economically friendly, too. We always prioritise sustainability without compromising on functionality.

When seeking out cost-effective, sustainable and durable paper hand towels for your bathroom, choose Power Hygiene as your first choice and make a simple purchase today.

A Superb Range of Paper Hand Towels

At Power Hygiene, we offer a diverse range of paper hand towels, including recycled, pure paper, interfold, c-fold, and centrefeed styles. Additionally, we provide paper rolls in various thicknesses and colours.

Our selection includes paper hand towels in a range of sizes and colours, along with varying pack sizes, ensuring you can find the perfect paper product to suit your business, budget, and any additional requirements.

Our paper hand towel products are ideal for various businesses and commercial premises, such as hotels, kitchens, hospitals, gyms, schools, and general office spaces. We pride ourselves on supplying products of the highest quality, offering real value for money.

Paper Hand Towels for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are high-traffic areas where hygiene is paramount. With multiple people using the same facilities, the risk of germs and bacteria spreading increases significantly. Paper hand towels provide a solution that minimises the spread of germs and bacteria.

Unlike cloth towels, which can retain bacteria even after washing, paper towels are single-use and disposable. This makes them an excellent choice for environments where multiple people use the same facilities, such as public restrooms or workplace bathrooms, as disposable hand towels reduce the risk of cross-contamination between users.

In addition to their hygienic properties, paper hand towels are incredibly convenient. Stored in a dispenser, users can quickly and easily grab a towel to dry their hands, particularly important in busy bathrooms where users may be in a hurry. Switch to paper hand towels for a hygienic and convenient solution.

Furthermore, our hand towels come in a variety of stylish designs to complement any bathroom decor, adding a touch of elegance to your space. Enhance your bathroom experience with our premium hand towels and enjoy the ultimate blend of quality, style, and functionality. We offer Z-fold paper hand towels in both white and green.

These soft yet strong towels are 2-ply thick and are suitable for use in compatible dispensers. Additionally, we supply centre-feed 2-ply embossed paper rolls and mini centre-feed 2-ply white paper hand towels. Our Quattro 2-ply Z-fold paper hand towels are exceptionally tough and absorbent.


Buy Paper Hand Towels Online

Our website provides an easy platform for customers to locate and order their chosen paper hand towel products. Our paper rolls and paper hand towel products are available for bulk purchase, helping you save money. Browse our wide selection of paper hand towels, paper rolls, and paper towel dispensers on our website and order online today, with next-day delivery available.


Paper Hand Towels FAQs


What Are Paper Hand Towels?

Paper towels are absorbent, disposable towels made from paper. They come in various colours, sizes, and ply levels, typically sold in rolls of perforated sheets or pre-cut and pre-folded layers for use in paper towel dispensers.


What Are Disposable Paper Hand Towels Used For?

Paper towels are primarily used for hand drying after bathroom use but also serve additional purposes such as window cleaning, surface wiping, and spill cleanup. They are preferred for their hygiene benefits over alternatives like hot-air hand dryers or shared cloth towels, making them ideal for toilet settings.


Can Paper Hand Towels be Flushed?

No, paper hand towels should never be flushed down the toilet. They do not dissolve quickly in water and can cause blockages due to their thickness and water-absorbent nature. Dispose of paper hand towels in a general waste bin to prevent plumbing issues and maintain restroom functionality.




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I've finally found a company I can rely on for keeping my office clean. As my business has grown, their products have helped more and more each day, to keep on top of the ever-mounting amount of dirt that inevitably builds up in the office.

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I'm not very savvy with cleaning supplies, but when I called up, I was blown away by their perseverance in helping me find precisely what I was describing. Thank you!

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