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Household Cleaning Supplies

A range of domestic cleaning supplies suitable for professional use

Keep Your House Clean

We have over 5000 items in stock for all industries, but almost all of them can be used for housekeeping, so whether you’re a professional cleaner or not, we can ensure you will have no trouble keeping your house clean.


It is essential that our household cleaning supplies follow health and safety requirements throughout the the UK. We aim to supply all essential and precautionary supplies for all areas of cleaning around the house.

Explore Our Cleaning Products For Housekeeping

Power Teamwork Range Spray & Sanitise 5L Container
Floor Cleaning Mop
antibacterial wet wipes

Supplies For Household Cleaning

Power Hygiene specialises in providing cleaning supplies for professionals which are also suitable for household cleaners.


We give you the ability to buy these supplies in bulk so you can stock up without having to buy again for a significant period of time.


We offer a trade account for business offering a multitude of benefits including:


  • Up to 50% discount
  • Latest industry news
  • Credit terms (subject to status)
  • First look at new products
Please fill out our designated form if you believe your business may benefit from holding a trade account.

Essential Domestic Cleaning Supply List

Householders who want their homes cleaned thoroughly should make sure they have all the right supplies and equipment. A cleaning kit is an easy way to get started, but it’s also worth checking out our list for more ideas on what you could use!

Household Cleaning Chemicals


Wood Cleaner – Cleaning wood furniture is a delicate process and it needs to be done right. That is why you need to make sure you use a polish that matches the finish for your type of wood. When cleaning hardwood floors with polyurethane seals, you only need to use warm water and a mild dishwashing soap to keep them clean. Try not to use too much water though.


Glass Cleaner – To keep your mirrors, windows and other glass clean without the hassle of streaks use an appropriate glass cleaner. 


All Purpose Cleaner – All purpose cleaner is the ideal surface cleaner for most surfaces around your house, particularly useful in the kitchen and bathroom. If you have some unique surfaces like granite or glass, then it would be preferable to use a specific cleaner designed for those materials.


Tile & Grout Cleaner – When cleaning tiles, you need a specific type of cleaner. Some acid-based cleaners are great for cleaning tiles, particularly those on walls that require a strong solution. For floors, a more mild cleaner might be more appropriate. 



Household Cleaning Equipment

Vacuum – Vacuum cleaners are great for homes with any type of flooring, from hardwood to plush carpet. Make sure you use attachments for hard to reach places, as well as different surfaces.


Duster – The ideal cleaning tool for reaching those high places! You’ll be able to dust every inch of your home with an extendable duster, no matter if you’re short or tall.


Mop – A crucial piece of equipment for cleaning hard surface floors. Can be used in combination with a vacuum for best results.


Sponge – The sponge is essential for cleaning dishes in particular. With new sponges with a scrubber on one side, you are able to soak with the sponge. You can then scrub away stubborn marks and stains with the scrubber, making it one useful tool for cleaning both bathrooms and kitchens.


Microfiber Cloth – Microfibre cloths are a great alternative to cotton for those who have problems with lint. They’re made of polyester and very soft, so you won’t leave any fibres behind on your surface like when using traditional fabrics do!


Rubber Gloves – When cleaning, be sure to protect your hands from any irritants like harsh solvents and acids. This is where rubber gloves become an essential part of home cleaning.


Bucket – A bucket is a great tool for tackling floors because you can use the same amount of water and clean your entire house with just one trip.


Toilet Brush – It is important to maintain good hygiene by keeping your toilet clean. A toilet brush is vital for this so you can avoid transferring germs onto other surfaces in your house!


Grout Brush – To keep your grout looking fresh, you need the right kind of brush. The best thing is that there is plenty on offer with varying sizes and shapes.

A Reliable Cleaning Product Supplier

We keep our customers happy and satisfied with quality service, products and value. We test all of the domestic cleaning supplies we sell to make sure they live up to your expectations!



Our free delivery service is available on all orders for trade customers and UK next day delivery can be arranged with a little effort. If you discover that your desired product isn’t in stock, we offer click & collect where our team will do its best to source the goods!

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