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System Paper Hand Towels

System towels refer to a specific type of paper towel designed for use in towel systems or dispensers. These towels are typically interfolded or stacked in a compact format, allowing for easy dispensing and efficient use.

They are commonly used in various commercial and industrial settings, including restaurants, offices, healthcare facilities, and more. System towels are known for their convenience, hygiene, and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice for businesses and organisations seeking practical solutions for hand drying and cleaning needs.


Other Paper Hand Towel Solutions

Alongside our system towels, we sell a wide range of paper hand towels including Z-Fold, C-Fold and Interfold paper hand towels.

What our Customers have to say

Very Reliable!

I've finally found a company I can rely on for keeping my office clean. As my business has grown, their products have helped more and more each day, to keep on top of the ever-mounting amount of dirt that inevitably builds up in the office.

Ling O

Wow, Simply WOW!

I'm not very savvy with cleaning supplies, but when I called up, I was blown away by their perseverance in helping me find precisely what I was describing. Thank you!

Nadina N
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