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What is the softest toilet paper?

Piles of soft toilet paper

Toilet tissue paper is a simple yet significant product that we take for granted every day but then realise we need it in desperate times. Except for the odd times during the COVID-19 pandemic when a twelve-pack of rolls was compared to having stacks of gold bars, most people don’t really think about shopping for toilet paper, let alone figuring out the perfect one for their needs. To help you decide on the best and softest toilet paper to buy, we’ve put together a simple list in this blog article. We’re about to walk you through the most important factor, that being softness, why it matters and the softest toilet paper available on the market in the UK.

Why Soft Toilet Paper Matters For Skin Types

Whether it matters to you or not, it’s safe to say that not many people are fans of rough toilet tissue. Surprisingly, toilet paper, in general, can lead to tiny tears in the skin that often go unnoticed. These micro-tears may take up to 12 weeks to fully heal. Therefore, looking out for soft toilet paper, especially for sensitive skin, is the right move. Buying the best toilet paper for sensitive skin is the key to a non-irritating… behind.

What are the softest toilet tissues available in the UK, and where can you buy them from?

Alright, let’s dive in. Check out this handy list of the best and most importantly, soft toilet tissues and find out where you can snag them:

Andrex Classic White Toilet Tissue Paper

1. Andrex Classic White

Andrex is a brand that is engraved in the minds of many when it comes to the thought of soft toilet tissue. Andrex offers a wide variety of soft toilet tissue paper. Its endorsement of a cute, smushy puppy resembles their products, super soft. Andrex Supreme White Toilet Tissue is a 2-ply toilet tissue made from a combination of soft fibres designed to be both absorbent and strong.

With the addition of a quilted texture, you can rest assured knowing you picked one of the softest toilet papers on the market. UK Cleaning Supplies offers Andrex White Toilet Tissue that is available in a pack of 24 at an amazing price of £15.93.

SupplierUK Cleaning Supplies
PlyThis product is 2-ply toilet paper
Sheets Per RollNot listed
Roll Count24 rolls
The Cheeky Panda Toilet Tissue Paper 36 Rolls 150 sheets

2. The Cheeky Panda Classic

If you prioritize eco-friendliness, Cheeky Panda’s product line might align with your values. This brand distinguishes itself with rolls that are thoughtfully designed and produced to minimize environmental impact compared to traditional products.

Crafted from bamboo, their toilet paper stands out for being exceptionally sustainable and hypoallergenic. Customers consistently praise its softness and absorbency, although it’s important to mention that this option comes with a slightly higher price tag than other alternatives on our list.

Buy a pack of The Cheeky Panda toilet tissues for £35.64 for a total of 36 rolls, where each roll contains 150 sheets.

SupplierThe Cheeky Panda
PlyThis product is 2-ply toilet paper
Sheets Per Roll150 sheets
Roll Count36 rolls
Cushelle Ultra quilted our softest ever 9 rolls 3 ply

3. Cushelle Ultra Quilted

As a long-standing manufacturer, Cushelle, also recognized as Charmin, has been a household staple in the UK for decades. The company offers a variety of toilet paper rolls, each presenting unique features.

Cushelle’s Quilted Toilet Roll Tissue Paper Extra Softness stands out for its remarkable softness. The plush quilted layers incorporate innovative micro air pockets, providing an extra-luxurious feel. These three-ply rolls excel in both absorbency and strength, and they are available in various package sizes for added convenience.

It’s worth mentioning that this product is free from scents, which may be viewed positively or negatively depending on personal preferences. This product is available in a 4, or 9 roll pack where the prices vary, depending on the supplier.

PlyThis product is 3-ply toilet paper
Sheets Per Roll157 sheets
Roll Count4 or 9 rolls
PricePrices vary
Nicky elite 3 ply toilet roll bulk

4. Nicky Elite 3 Ply Quilted

The exceptional softness of Nicky Elite 3-ply toilet rolls sets them apart, providing a truly luxurious experience. The carefully crafted three layers ensure a gentle touch that feels soothing and comfortable during use. The incorporation of a softening lotion adds an extra layer of comfort, creating a plush feel that enhances the overall user experience.

Whether in a commercial or domestic setting, the softness of Nicky Elite toilet rolls transforms ordinary moments into moments of indulgence, making each use a pampering and enjoyable sensation. Indulge in the unparalleled softness of Nicky Elite 3-ply toilet rolls, a premium choice that elevates the ordinary act of using toilet paper into a daily moment of luxurious comfort. UK Cleaning Supplies offer a spectacular 45 rolls at a price of only £22.98.

SupplierUK Cleaning Supplies
PlyThis product is 3-ply toilet paper
Sheets Per Roll170 sheets
Roll Count45 rolls

Closing the Roll: The Velvet Touch of Toilet Paper Excellence

Here are three of the most popular toilet papers currently in demand in the UK. Whether your focus is on softness or other specific qualities, you’re likely to find a suitable option among these choices. For those seeking top-notch, soft toilet paper similar to the ones highlighted in this article, explore the extensive online collection at Power Hygiene. Take advantage of our bulk-buy options for significant savings. Start shopping now and elevate your bathroom experience with the softest toilet paper available!

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